Glass ceramic tiles:

There is a huge variety of decorative glass floor tiles on the marketplace today and appropriate for both property and business applications. Glass tiles are an excellent selection for giving interior and exterior surfaces a decorative design. They are available in a broad choice of shades and patterns for adding an ornamental touch to cooking areas, shower rooms, hotel entrance halls, swimming pools, and also shopping centers. Glass floor tiles or suitable with many other ceramic tile kinds which enable them to be utilized in mix with other ceramic tile kinds like stone, wood, ceramics, and steel ceramic tiles. Inside developers, engineers, and builders all utilize glass floor tiles as they offer practical setup on columns with the curving possibilities that a glass ceramic tile permits. Their color shape and also structure allow for the layout of unique wall cubbyholes.

Floor tile Price

Today’s glass tiles are exceptionally immune to chemical, mechanical, and climatic impacts. Glass floor tiles for flooring are developed with a anti slip surface area making them an excellent choice for bathrooms, pools, swimming pool locations, and also kitchen area floors. With the resent improvement in the material substance glass tiles create an exceptional choice for business flooring also. And also while a great deal of today’s glass tiles are being made from recycled glass they are environmentally friendly as well.

Plastic Tiles:-.

Vinyl tile is a composite structure constructed from a number of layers;

  1. Protective wear layer,
  2. Protective clear film layer,
  3. Printed layout layer,
  4. Vinyl floor tile backing.

Homogeneous tiles singapore gives a broad choice of colors and deigns to pick from; are quickly mounted and are a very affordable choice of floor ceramic tile. Vinyl tile will certainly last for many years and can be extremely long lasting depending upon the top quality of the ceramic tile the thicker the floor tile the much more resilient they will certainly be.

Treatment and maintenance of the plastic floor tile flooring is easy with routine sweeping and an occasional mopping your plastic flooring will look fantastic and also last for several years. Ensure that when wiping you comply with the makes recommendation; as mopping with too much water will ultimately degrade the vinyl flooring adhesive; waxing damages the vinyl’s wear layer; and some cleansers may in fact dull the plastic’s look.


Granite is an igneous rock that is made up mostly of 4 minerals which are quartz, feldspar, mica, and generally hornblende. Granite is developed when magma cools down very gradually much under the planet’s surface. This permits crystals which can be seen by the human eye to develop from a combination of the four minerals consequently the composition of granite and also differ regarding area and the quantity of each mineral providing it a variety of colors and variants in its appearance.