Hong Kong Cultural Centre – Architecture at its Finest

The Hong Kong Cultural Center is a building that has defined Contemporary art to the world in a special structure, all its own in the recent years. Located in a vast area of property in a beautiful waterfront location, the centre caters to performing arts of variety. The Cultural Center boasts of three performing halls, namely the Studio Theater, the Grand Theater and the Concert Hall. The concert hall is an oval shaped hall intended for music performances. A 93 stop, 8000 – pipe organ was installed here and is regarded as among the biggest organs in the world.

The Grand Theater hosts All Kinds of Spectacular theatrical performances which range from operas into musicals, ballets and dances. The k11 musea hk Studio Theater is smaller scale but flexible theater with a seating arrangement of approximately 450. A 287 square meter exhibition hall sits on peak of the administration wing of the centre with different design choices.

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With a stunning view of the Victoria harbor and mouthwatering cuisine, the Serenade Chinese restaurant in the site is a favorite place for elegant functions. For a casual dining experience the centre has inside it, two other restaurants; ‘Deli and Wine’ and the Cafe Muse. The website is open from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm in the evening and guided and non-guided tours can be organized to find out more of the place. These excursions educate people on the design of this centre that the decorative work of art and facilities it provides. Hong Kong Philharmonic, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Ballet and Zuni Icosahedron are well known venue partners that perform here occasionally.

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